4 Tips for Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety Columbia, SC

No one should feel as if they cannot receive the oral care they need due to dental anxiety. This review provides tips for dealing with dental anxiety so that you can overcome any fears or concerns you may have and get the preventive and restorative dental care you need to keep a healthy and beautiful smile.

4 Ways to overcome dental anxiety and get the care you need

The first thing to do when trying to overcome dental anxiety is to determine the precise cause of the anxiety. This could be a number of causes, such as the fear of dental instruments, feelings of being judged by the dental staff, and more. Regardless of the reason for the anxiety, the following four tips may help you feel more confident and comfortable before and during dental visits.

1. Get a good night of sleep the night before your visit

One of the main symptoms of dental anxiety is not being able to sleep well the night before a dental visit. Of course, feeling tired on the day of the visit generally only makes dental anxiety worse. It may help to do something fun the night before the dental visit, such as going to the movies or playing a board game. Be sure to go to bed at a reasonable hour and avoid sugar consumption before going to sleep.

2. Ask questions to learn more about what to expect

A lot of times dental anxiety stems from irrational expectations about how painful or invasive a procedure may be. It is helpful to understand what to expect during a dental procedure. If the fear stems from pain, then the dentist may recommend sedation to minimize discomfort and anxiety. However, simply eliminating the fear of the unknown is often enough to reduce anxiety.

3. Ask the dentist about special ways to minimize anxiety during treatment

A dentist can help patients with dental anxiety in a variety of ways. For example, a patient that feels anxious when they hear the dental instruments may benefit by wearing headphones during a procedure. For patients that may feel claustrophobic, the patient and the dentist may be able to set up hand signals so the patient can communicate. Whatever the issue may be, there is always a solution to dental anxiety.

4. Choose a dentist that can help with your dental anxiety

Some dentists take more pride in helping patients that may have a fear of dental visits. By learning about the reputation of dentists in your area and discussing dental anxiety directly with the dental practices you are considering, you can determine which one is right for your needs.

We can help you with dental anxiety

We understand the importance of helping patients feel comfortable while receiving dental treatment. When you choose our dental office, know that our friendly team will do everything possible to help you minimize any concerns you may have and help you remain comfortable throughout each visit.

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