A Complete Health Dentist Discusses the Link Between Overall and Oral Health

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Oral health can easily get overlooked; however, it is important not to let this happen. The health of the oral cavity plays a much bigger role than most people realize. Aside from the health of the gums and teeth suffering when oral health is not maintained, the rest of the body can also take a hit due to the link connecting the two. This connection is known by complete health dentists as the oral systemic link. Read on to find out more!

How oral health connects to overall health

Below is a quick overview of the link between oral health and overall health. This information comes straight from complete health dentists, who are the trusted sources who focus their efforts on this connection. 

A complete health dentist's role

Complete health dentists focus their efforts on diagnosing, managing, and treating the oral cavity like most dentists do. However, the difference is that they also focus on the health of the body, as it relates to the oral cavity. Instead of just focusing on how oral health conditions may affect other areas in the oral cavity, complete health dentists also focus on the effect these conditions have on the rest of the body. 

The oral-systemic link

The link between oral health and overall health is known as an oral-systemic connection. This connection represents how the health of the mouth affects the health of the entire body, and vice versa.

Outlined below are a few examples of the link between the two. 

  • Tooth decay that originates from an infection can lead to infections throughout the body
  • Just as gum disease can infect the teeth, it can also travel to other areas in the body, infecting them
  • TMJ disorders can cause headaches, stress, exhaustion, and soreness in the jaw and head
  • Teeth grinding can also result in similar symptoms as TMJ disorders, also affecting the entire body. 

In short, when the oral cavity is in good health, the rest of the body has a higher chance of remaining in good health. If there are oral health conditions present then the rest of the body is put at risk.

With that being said, it is important to understand that the impact does not happen overnight. It does take time for the rest of the body to feel the effects. For example, gum disease, in particular, can be hard to detect at first, as the symptoms get worse over time. This means that a spread of the infection may also happen over the span of a time period, as opposed to overnight. A good way to prevent the spread from even occurring is to visit a complete health dentist as soon as any symptoms are detected. 

Find out more

It is just as important to maintain good oral health as it is overall health. To learn more about this connection, it is best to consult with a complete health dentist. Specific recommendations can be made to help ensure the best action plan for maintaining good health. Reach out today to get started!

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