Developing a Treatment Plan With Your Implant Dentist

Developing a Treatment Plan With Your Implant Dentist from Davis & Dingle Family Dentistry in Columbia, SCDuring the consultation with an implant dentist, the patient and the dental team can put together a treatment plan. There are various steps during the teeth replacement process. Knowing them ahead of time can help the patient prepare prior to any scheduled procedures to ensure the implant dentistry process is as easy and convenient as possible.

Tips from an implant dentist for developing a treatment plan

Of course, setbacks are always possible, but having a treatment plan in place can help you physically and mentally prepare for the implant process. The following are five tips to follow when developing a teeth replacement treatment plan with your implant dentist.

Find out what procedures are required

Every treatment plan with implant dentistry is unique and personalized according to the specific needs that the patient has. It is helpful to first establish what procedures are required for the implant dentistry treatment process. This may include a bone graft procedure to restore lost bone inside of the jaw before the placement of dental implants. Determining your specific needs is always a good first step to take in developing a treatment plan.

Determine when to schedule the placement procedure

It is important to schedule the surgical procedures at an opportune time as there is always a required recovery period after the placement of the dental implant(s) into the jaw. By strategically planning, you can avoid any setbacks at work and in other important areas of your life.

Create a calendar of all important dates

The implant dentist should send a reminder before important dates to help ensure you do not have to reschedule. It can also be helpful to create a calendar for your implant dentistry treatment plan as well. Be sure to place it somewhere that you see frequently, such as on your fridge or near your bedroom dresser.

Prepare to rest after the placement procedure

As mentioned, a recovery and rest period of time is required after the placement of dental implants. It is helpful to go shopping for everything that you may need or want for your recovery, such as soft foods, water, over-the-counter pain reliever, home remedies such as a cold compress, etc. The recovery period can last anywhere from several days to more than two weeks.

Know what to expect before the treatment plan starts

It is important to have patience and a complete understanding of what your implant dentistry treatment plan involves. Be sure to bring with you a list of questions to ask your implant dentist during the consultation visit about the treatment plan or any part of the process.

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Create your implant dentistry treatment plan with an implant dentist

We can help you create your implant dentistry treatment plan during a consultation visit. If you are considering dental implants to replace a missing tooth, a missing section of teeth, or an entire row, our team can help you find the replacement solution that works for you and plan your treatment process.

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