How is Juvéderm Used by a Dentist?

Juvéderm Columbia, SC

Dentists can use Juvéderm® to smooth vertical lip lines, add volume to certain areas of the face, address facial folds and wrinkles, and fix smiles in which too much of the gums show. Juvéderm is a safe and longer-lasting alternative to Botox treatment that is ideal for anyone who wants to address issues of aging on their skin. 

When a dentist may recommend Juvéderm®

A dentist may recommend Juvéderm when the patient is not happy with the appearance of their smile due to issues with the lips or surrounding skin. Juvéderm can also address oral health and functional issues such as TMJ disorder and bruxism by relaxing the jaw muscles, among other possible uses of Juvéderm in dentistry. 

Smooth vertical lip lines

Vertical lip lines, also called lip wrinkles, develop as we age. However, patients can now keep the appearance of vertical lip lines toa minimum with Juvéderm treatment from a dentist. This works by smoothing the skin and not allowing the lip lines to as noticeable or preventing them from showing entirely. This helps patients keep a more youthful appearance as they grow older. 

Add fullness to lips and surrounding area

Juvéderm can add fullness to the upper and lower lips and the surrounding areas of lips for an improved appearance and smile. This is accomplished through strategic and careful injections of the Juvéderm to help augment the lips. The results of the dermal filler should last between nine to twelve months before a follow-up injection is required. 

Contour the cheek areas

Patients who are not happy with the shape or overall appearance of their cheeks can often benefit from Juvéderm injections into the cheek areas. The dentist can then contour the Juvéderm so that the cheek areas have a full and even appearance, providing the patient with improved facial symmetry and an overall more attractive look. 

Address facial folds or wrinkles

Facial folds and wrinkles are a natural part of aging, but they can affect any adult regardless of age. Dentists may recommend addressing facial folds and wrinkles with Juvéderm. This smooths the skin and diminishes the appearance of the facial folds. This can take place anywhere on the face. Perhaps most notably, nasolabial folds occur from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth and are often easily treatable with Juvéderm. 

Fix issues of a “gummy smile”

A gummy smile occurs when the lips do not cover enough of the gums while smiling, revealing more gums than the patient desires. Juvéderm may be able to fix this by allowing the gum to extend further while smiling, rather than raising up and showing the gums in a prominent way. 

Start the process with a Juvéderm consultation

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