When Partial Dentures Are Recommended

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Partial dentures are used to replace lost teeth. These dental appliances are identical to traditional full dentures, except they are only used to replace a portion of a person's teeth, not the entire arch of teeth. Before recommending partial dentures to patients, dental professionals must conduct a thorough examination to know if the option is suitable for that patient. When considering your tooth replacement alternatives, knowing when a partial denture is the best option for you might be beneficial. This article covers when partial dentures might be recommended.

Who is eligible for partial dentures?

Dental professionals can assess a patient to know whether partial dentures would restore their smile and dental functions. Some of the instances in which partial dentures are typically recommended for tooth replacement are listed below.

One or more lost teeth

When a person has one or more missing teeth, a dentist will most likely propose that a partial denture replace the missing tooth or teeth. The partial dentures will cover the gap left by the missing teeth. These dentures often attach to existing teeth via attachments like metal clasps.

Prevent bite issues

If losing a tooth or teeth is likely to affect a person's bite, a dental professional would most likely recommend a partial denture. While teeth are missing, a person's bite almost always becomes uneven or unnatural, which may lead to various issues when eating. The remaining teeth may also start to move into the gap left. Crooked and uneven teeth make eating and oral hygiene difficult; therefore, a partial denture may be recommended to prevent bite issues and restore normal dental functions.

Muscle tension

When a person's teeth are missing, the jaw muscles may have to work extra to eat because the bite is off. If the muscles in the jaw continue to work overtime to maintain the space left by the missing teeth in the mouth, it may cause strain and tension, resulting in spasms or even discomfort. Replacing the missing teeth relieves pressure off the rest of the teeth and jaws.


A dentist will nearly always prescribe a partial denture if a person's smile and general appearance are affected by the missing teeth. People who lack teeth are often self-conscious about their appearance. A partial denture may be used to replace the patient's teeth with the dentist's help. The partial denture may restore confidence by giving you a natural-looking smile.

The bottom line

When you are missing one or more teeth, partial dentures are an excellent choice to explore, but you should speak with a dentist first so they can assess your situation. Each person's circumstance is unique, and a partial denture may not be appropriate for everyone. Most patients, however, are typically good candidates for partial dentures.

If you have any concerns concerning partial dentures or when they would be recommended, contact our dental office so that you can get further assistance. The dentist can walk you through the prosthetic device and tell you what to expect during the process.

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